How to report a bug in GLG4sim

Check to make sure it isn't already reported

Go to the GLG4sim bugs reported elog. Browse the entries, or use the Find command to search for likely words in the subject or text of existing reports. It would be best to use the "search all logbooks" option on the Find page to search the announcements, disussions, and resolved bugs elogs, as well as the reported but unresolved bugs in the "GLG4sim bugs reported" log.

Prepare a concise bug report with enough information to define and reproduce the bug

The "Gnu Compiler Collection" bug reporting page has a very nice summary of what constitutes a good bug report, which I paraphrase below:

The main purpose of a bug report is to enable someone to fix the bug. The most important prerequisite for this is that the report must be complete and self-contained. This is explained in more detail under "What we need" and "What we don't want" below.

Before you report a bug, please check the list of known bugs (see above) and, if possible in any way, try a current development snapshot.

What we need

Please include in your bug report all of the following items:

  • the exact version of your GLG4sim distribution;
  • your system type and compiler version (use gcc -v);
  • what option you selected for configure;
  • a command or short macro that triggers the bug;
  • the output that shows the bug's symptoms, including any error messages, warnings, etc., but also possibly a plot or short data listing; and
  • if the bug cannot be reproduced in unmodified, un-extended GLG4sim, then some minimalist source code for a compilable example that will provoke the bug.

What we do not want

  • A source file that #includes header files that are left out of the bug report (see above)
  • That source file and a collection of header files.
  • An attached archive (tar, zip, shar, whatever) containing all (or some :-) of the above.
  • A code snippet that won't cause the compiler to produce the exact output mentioned in the bug report (e.g., a snippet with just a few lines around the one that apparently triggers the bug, with some pieces replaced with ellipses or comments for extra obfuscation :-)
  • The location (URL) of the package that failed to build (we won't download it, anyway, since you've already given us what we need to duplicate the bug, haven't you? :-)
  • E-mail messages that complement previous, incomplete bug reports. Post a new, self-contained, full bug report instead, ideally as a follow-up to the original bug report
  • Assembly files (*.s) produced by the compiler, or any binary files, such as object files, executables, core files, or precompiled header files
  • Duplicate bug reports, or reports of bugs already fixed in the development tree, especially those that have already been reported as fixed last week :-)
  • Bugs in the assembler, the linker, the C library, or the compiler. These are separate projects, with separate mailing lists and different bug reporting procedures
  • Bugs in releases or snapshots of GLG4sim or derived products not issued here. Report them to whoever provided you with the release
  • Questions about things: please use the GLG4sim discussion elog.

Submit your new entry in the GLG4sim bug reports elog

Submit your bug report to the GLG4sim bugs reported elog. Use the online help in elog (there is a link called Help) to learn how to log in, create an account, and create the new elog entry.
web page author: Glenn Horton-Smith, Feb 1, 2005.