Presentation files from MAND-sim 2005

Note: arranged in order of presentation, not by subject or author.
A. Tang
Background at Daya Bay (PDF)
H. Furuta
Geant4 analysis of underground gamma ray background at KASKA near detector site (PDF)
L. Hsu
KLG4sim: A Full Detector Simulation for KamLAND (PDF)
G. Horton-Smith
GLG4sim: A Full Detector Simulation for "GenericLAND" (PDF)
D. Motta
Monte Carlo for Double Chooz:
L. Hsu
GLG4sim studies for Daya Bay (PDF)
G. Horton-Smith
GLG4sim tricks (PDF)
M. Worcester
Detector Simulation for the Braidwood Neutrino Experiment (PDF)
J. Klein
What we've learned from SNO (PDF)
J. LoSecco
Modelling neutron backgrounds (PDF)