MeV Antineutrino and Neutrino Detector simulation workshop (MAND-sim 2005), June 14-15, 2005

A workshop to share knowledge and experience regarding simulations for reactor and other MeV-scale antineutrino and neutrino experiments.


Now available (2005/06/16): the slides from the talks given.

Time and place of the workshop

Kansas State University, Manhattan, Kansas, USA. (area map) The morning sessions of the workshop were held in Durland Hall. Registration was in the Durland atrium from 9:30 to 10:00 AM Tuesday, June 14, 2005. Talks started at 10:00 AM in Durland room 1066.


Name: MeV Antineutrino and Neutrino Detector simulation workshop (MAND-sim)
Location: Kansas State University, Manhattan, KS.
Dates: Tuesday June 14 to Wednesday June 15, with optional post-meeting working session Thursday June 16
Start time: 10 AM Tuesday June 14
End time (main session): 4 PM Wednesday June 15
Structure of workshop: talks on major experiments and major software packages in morning of first two days; more specialized talks in afternoon of first two days; third day for tutorials, ad hoc working groups, and free discussion
Some of the speakers and their topics:
H. Furuta (Tokyo Tech) KASKA
D. Motta (CEA, Saclay) Double Chooz, optical models
A. Tang (Hong Kong)  Daya Bay
M. Worcester (FNAL) Braidwood
J. Klein (UT) What SNO taught us
J. LoSecco (Notre Dame) Modelling neutron backgrounds
Facilities: room with 50 seats, wireless network, a media projector, desk or table space for each seat, and outlets for lots of laptops, near a good coffee, tea, and junk food supply.
Computers: bring your own laptop. (There may be some dedicated web browsing stations available in library and at K-State Union, but these will not be in the same building where the workshop will be held.)
Accommodations: Ramada Inn, block reservation. Attendees to make their own reservations at the Ramada, mentioning "KSU MAND-sim workshop".
Food: Box lunches Tuesday and Wednesday, pre-paid. Tuesday night "banquet" dinner at Little Apple Brewery, individual checks. Wednesday night and Thursday, everyone to their own devices.
To cover lunch and expenses: $25.00, payable by check or cash at the workshop.
Local organizing committee: G. Horton-Smith, T. Bolton, N. Stanton
For more information, contact: Glenn Horton-Smith